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From Packaging Ideas to your Tool and Production System

ILLIG has decades of experience designing and developing packaging solutions and helping packaging manufacturers. Each project is treated independently, as no two packages are ever exactly the same. Development begins with the customer’s initial idea and ends with an outstanding final product.

Packaging for fresh fruits and produce is a good example of how multifaceted a packaging container can be. It must ensure visibility of it contents while also protecting them.  It must be suitable for transport throughout the entire logistics process. Our team of packaging experts develops different variants for ventilation (hole vents or closure knobs with spacing for clamshell trays) and package closure (hinged lids, separate lids, or no lids).

Product, material choice, volumes, and decoration – with IML-T® – all have to be analyzed to determine the design possibilities. This is what we do.

Once the initial criteria have been successfully determined, an extensive testing phase begins with the production of samples. This is followed by product testing, and finally ends with the customer’s approval. By de-risking the project for our customers, only then can work begin on the production system.

In the ILLIG Technology Center (ITC), our designers and engineers work with a full suite of analytical equipment to ensure your package meets the most demanding criteria.

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