• ILLIG HSU650 packaging system

Packaging Machinery

ILLIG_LinkedIn-Post_Fachpack2019_Blistercard_16.08.2019_enIllig’s packaging machinery is renowned for quality and longevity. With semi-automated, fully-automated, and customized systems, we have a solution for companies of all sizes. Our blister sealing machines are primarily used in CPG retail. New demands for paper blisters, cardboard packaging, and dust-free package designs have driven the development of the new HSU35b. The HSA50d and new 650d in-line automatic systems run both plastic and cardboard forming stations, allowing maximum flexibility for rapidly changing end markets.

  • ILLIG HSU35b Modular Sealing System

  • ILLIG HSU 650 Automatic Sealing System

    ILLIG HSU650 packaging system

Illig packaging machines are categorized as follows:

  • HSU 35b: 6 or 8-station sealing platform for plastic or cardboard blisters, with options for automation
  • HSA 650: all new, all servo, fully-automated inline forming & sealing system
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